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Mission in sight! NASA may be preparing trip to Triton, Neptune’s moon

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Mission in sight! NASA may be preparing trip to Triton, Neptune's moon

And it seems that NASA has barely launched a space mission in partnership with SpaceX and is already thinking about other explorations that can be carried out in the galaxy. This time, the agency may be preparing to carry out the exploration of Triton, Neptune’s main moon.

This is not the first time the government institution has explored the planet furthest from the sun – when Pluto ceases to be considered as such – as thirty years ago the Voyager 2 spacecraft had sighted Neptune and its 14 moons, but Triton ended up having some prominence for being the largest among them.

It is known that Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun, making it the last to finish the translation process, taking an average of 165 years in the Earth chronology, which gives a good understanding of how far away it is from Earth.

Despite this, it ends up drawing the attention of NASA scientists, as the moon Triton shows itself as a box of surprises, even having layers of icy material being expelled from the surface, showing that there is geological activity in it and later it was noticeable that the activity of the ionosphere in it is 10 times greater than in any other moon in the solar system.

And it is thanks to this activity NASA has revealed to discovery channel that it intends to launch a mission to Triton through satellites equipped with high resolution cameras to capture all actions that are performed by neptune’s “largest moon”.

According to the space company, such a launch will be carried out in 2025, which is the time when the Earth is aligned with Jupiter, creating a kind of slingshot to make it easier for the satellite to reach Triton correctly. Obviously the arrival will take time to happen, with a predicted time of 13 years, joining only in 2038.


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