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New Directions publishes the complete work of Alberto Caeiro

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New Directions publishes the complete work of Alberto Caeiro

António Costa Pinheiro / Wikimedia

Fernando Pessoa – Heterónimo, 1978, oil on canvas by António Costa Pinheiro

An influential New York publisher, New Directions, will publish an English edition of Alberto Caeiro's complete work on July 28.

According to the Observer, the edition is by Jerónimo Pizarro and Patricio Ferrari, responsible for the volume published in 2016 by the Portuguese Tinta-da-China, on which it is based. The translation is by Margaret Jull Costa, an award-winning Portuguese to English translator, awarded the Order of Infante D. Henrique in 2018, and Ferrari.

The bilingual edition includes poems in Portuguese and English, an introduction written by Pizarro and Ferrari, facsimiles of Pessoa's notebooks and excerpts about Caeiro and his work by the orthonym and heteronyms, namely Álvaro de Campos, Ricardo Reis, António Mora and II Crosse.

To the daily, Jerónimo Pizarro explained that Alberto Caeiro, Fernando Pessoa's heteronym, is at the center of fiction in the people, not because he is the “master”, but because he “was directed to be at the center”. “One of the most exciting things about reading poetry and the prose component together, is to perceive Caeiro not as a center, but as a center in process.”

“Caeiro may seem like a constituted, fixed thing, but Pessoa's whole life was a character that was being built. In 1935, it was not yet finished ”, explained the specialist.

The Complete Works of Alberto Caeiro follows the publication, in 2017, of The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition, also with Pizarro edition and translation by Jull Costa, a work that was considered by some to be the best translation of the Book of Restlessness ever made for English.


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