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New rumors point to the launch of two versions of Zenfone 7 with camera …

by ace

Still without any official information about the launch of a successor to the Zenfone 6 – Asus’ first device with a flip camera – there is still room for speculation and rumors about it.

For now, we have information that it may reach the market with the ROG Phone 3. Furthermore, the same rumors suggest that it will arrive equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and a generous 16 GB of RAM.

Other speculations also raised the possibility of a Lite version of the device, which would include the Snapdragon 765 in its composition.

Other sources continue to believe that Asus will continue to launch only one device for the Zenfone line at a time, but new reports indicate that it will in fact be two versions of the Taiwanese’s new devices. However, this new information points to a Pro version, rather than a Lite version, as was previously speculated.

Based on the same data, it is also expected that the Zenfone 7 Pro variant will be launched with an Amoled screen, instead of the IPS LCD present on the Zenfone 6 and expected, even, for the common version of Zenfone 7.

Other details of this latest report also point to the presence of a flip camera, as happened with the Zenfone 6, however with the addition of a few more sensors (although it is not specified how many).

It is important to note that this latest “report” did not bring any photos or evidence to support these rumors. However, as any information about the Zenfone 7 is mere speculation, it is worth adding these details to the list of possible specifications for it and waiting for official or more concrete information.

Finally, it is important to remember at least more “accurate” information, which reveals the possible period in which the new Asus devices will be announced. The information was provided by an Asus executive, who said they could be launched “between the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third.” We have already reached this deadline, so we can expect some news later this month.


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