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New study identifies key characteristics of (good) liars

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New study identifies key characteristics of (good) liars

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According to a new study, good liars tend to strategically manipulate their verbal behavior to tell a plausible, simple and clear story. Usually they do it face to face with friends and colleagues.

The study involved 194 participants – 97 women, 95 men and two who chose not to say – with an average age of 39 years. Scientists asked the volunteers several questions, including whether they were good at misleading others, how many lies they had told in the last 24 hours, and whether they did it in person or through other means.

“Studies have shown that we are not as good at spotting lies as we think we are. At best, most of us are 50 percent likely to get it right when someone is lying to you, ”said researcher Brianna Verigin of the University of Portsmouth and the University of Maastricht.

During the experiment, researchers found that one of the main strategies of liars is to tell plausible lies very close to the truth without revealing too much information. Also, they found that if someone thinks they are good liars, more lies will tell.

According to Sci-NewsThe most widely used strategy among all those who admitted to lying, whether good or bad liars, was to leave out certain information. Good liars – what scientists have called 'expert liars' – have added the ability to weave a 'credible story embellished with truth', thus making lies more difficult to detect.

On the other hand, those who thought they were not so good at lying when they lied bet on being too vague. The scientific article was published this month on PLOS One.

Scientists noted that the most common types of lies were “white lies,” exaggeration, information concealment, and event making. Most participants chose to lie face to face, with SMS being the second most chosen medium, followed by a phone call, email and, finally, social networks.

Most expert liars lie more often to family, friends, or colleagues. In addition, men were twice as likely to consider themselves better liars.

The study showed no relationship between educational level and the ability to lie.


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