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New technology makes people “invisible” at night

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New technology makes people “invisible” at night

Researchers at the University of California, in the United States, have created a device capable of making people invisible to thermal sensors, such as those used in night vision goggles.

One study was published recently in the scientific journal Advanced Functional Materials. The video released by the researchers shows how effective this technology can be, preventing the person using it from being spotted by the thermal sensor.

Although the video only shows the material to camouflage a person's wrist, scientists hope to create a suit that can cover the entire body. For now, researchers are looking for lighter materials so that the suit is not too heavy.

The device heats or cools according to the ambient temperature, which allows it to always function, reaching from 10ºC to 37ºC in less than a minute.

“To build the device, the team focused on a material similar to wax, but with more complex properties. The melting point of the material is 30ºC, the same temperature as the surface of human skin ”, explained the researchers in a statement quoted by Inverse. “If the temperature on the outside of the device is higher than that, the material will melt and stabilize, isolating the user; if it is colder, it will solidify slowly, still acting as an insulating layer ”.

The device uses electricity to change the temperature as needed and works on a battery basis, and can also be controlled wirelessly.

This technology could have useful applications at the military level, possibly giving soldiers the ability not to be seen by enemy thermal sensors.


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