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New York's health care system is ‘days away 'from collapse, Governor warns

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New York's health care system is ‘days away 'from collapse, Governor warns

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, in the United States, said on Friday, 3, that the state is "just days" from a collapse of hospitals and the health system due to hospitalizations of patients with coronavirus.

To appease the demand, he signed an executive order authorizing the state to seize and redistribute medical equipment from hospitals and private sector companies, reported the American newspaper The New York Times. "I'm not going to let people die because we don't redistribute mechanical respirators," said Cuomo.

According to the governor, the state has more than 100,000 confirmed cases and the number of deaths reached 2,935, after a record increase in 24 hours – concentrating 45% of the total deaths from the virus in the country. On the last day, more New Yorkers died of coronavirus than in the first 27 days of March.

“This country has not yet adopted the correct attitude to deal with this crisis going forward. Everything we've seen so far, I guarantee that next week will be much more difficult, ”said Cuomo.

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Also on Friday, Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City – which concentrates more than half of the state's cases – asked the Army to relocate health professionals in the country in the places most affected by the pandemic.

According to Blasio, the city only has enough equipment and personnel until Sunday, 5 – which he is calling "D-Day". One in six policemen in the metropolis is sick or quarantined, straining the Police Department, whose 36,000 officials have already been summoned to apply the quarantine rules.

New York City officials on Thursday advised residents to always protect their faces when leaving the house, but emphasized the importance of staying home. Isolation, in addition to preventing the spread of the coronavirus, also gives relief to hospitals: emergency admissions fell due to a sharp drop in traffic and crime.

Unlikely help

While New York pleads for doctors and nurses within the country, aid in the form of medical supplies has come from the other side of the world. On Thursday 2, a Russian military aircraft landed on American soil, carrying masks and mechanical respirators.

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According to the Moscow Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two countries shared the cost of the equipment and, in return, Russia may count on future aid from the United States in the fight against the coronavirus.

The gift, according to The New York Times, was a show of power by President Vladimir Putin, who wants to prove to the world that Russia's days of dependence and pleading are long gone.

Last week, they also shipped equipment and medical personnel to Italy. Russian military trucks marched on Italian roads with Russian flags and banners that said "From Russia, with love".

But the propaganda resonated with controversy in the country, where medical equipment is also not abundant. To date, there are 4,149 confirmed coronavirus cases in the country and 39 deaths – but the data is believed to underestimate the actual size of the epidemic.

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The country's two biggest and hardest hit cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, were quarantined this week. Residents can only leave their homes to buy food and medicine, and walk their dogs within 100 meters of their homes. Putin instituted a paid holiday until April 30 to encourage isolation.


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