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News about the virus, if you still remember it

by ace
News about the virus, if you still remember it

So much has been written about the cosmic changes that the pandemic would bring to humanity, but humanity seems to want the same things as always.

Leave the house, go for a walk, have a beer at the bar, buy. Buy, buy and buy some more, live, outside of virtual sterility.

Simple everyday acts that have been suspended for two or three months.

The queues in front of Nike and Primark on the day the trade reopened in London were a testament to the fact that people want normal lives, not the dread new world of so many dystopias announced in the post-virus.


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With the deaths of two or three dozen in Spain or New York – worth a country – a little more in England, entire populations have ended the plague of the new virus.

Nobody agreed on Face or other forms of communication.

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The collective antennas captured the change and herd behavior, the unmatched group reaction, dictated the attitudes of entire populations.

Have there been recurrences in some countries? Will Beijing be closed? Texas and Florida on alert? Alarmed scientists?

Ball forward.

Quarantines worked to control the numbers exacerbated in the American regions and in the European countries most affected.

Perhaps they went on a little longer than necessary or were too severe – everything will be measured in countless studies of a phenomenon that no one has ever seen before.

Even if they don't use the most direct words, experts say there will never be a radical shutdown again that prevented the worst in terms of victims, but dragged so many economic activities into the hole.

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"We will never be able to allow mass closure again," wrote businessman Luke Johnson in the London Times, the son of historian Paul Johnson and creator of restaurant chains, taking the United Kingdom as an example.

"We can no longer afford that luxury: the government will be lucky if it can borrow the money spent to save the economy, taking our debt to more than £ 2 trillion."

The British case applies to all countries where the epidemic was angry and indebtedness brutal, except for its birthplace, China.

The explosion of the George Floyd case, a black man killed by white policemen, and the shock waves that spread not only over the United States, helped to symbolically "bury" the precautions.

If so many people can gather in so many places, as soon as they can in peaceful or violent demonstrations and protests, the virus is already disappearing, right?

"There are more viruses circulating now than before the state of emergency," virologist Margarita del Val, coordinator of a study group on the new coronavirus, told El País.

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It is based on the number of people who are now going to hospitals for other illnesses, not treated during the pandemic, and are being tested for the new virus.

"People without the slightest symptom are positive and it is an important number that can be contagious."

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How to avoid contagions?

More and more researchers conclude that transmission through touching contaminated objects is "less important" – a gentle way of breaking the news.

The masks are really important, the same ones that we were all advised to avoid at the beginning of the epidemic.

The wave of infections changed dramatically when the use of masks came into force in northern Italy and New York, says a study published in the United States' National Academy of Sciences.

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Masks are more important than social isolation, quarantine and hygienic measures like hand washing, the researchers said.

Talking loudly, shouting and singing are additional ways, apart from sneezing and coughing, of transmitting the virus.

And continuous exposure in closed places, for prolonged periods, is the most dangerous form of transmission.

The classic case is that of the Chinese woman who traveled on a bus with only internal air circulation, along which she contaminated 23 people.

The virus, therefore, is transmitted through the air, through aerosols and not just from contaminated droplets?

There is still no consensus.

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A Science study says so.

"Aerosols can accumulate, remain infectious for hours indoors, and easily enter the lungs via inhalation."

It remains to be said who can handle, outside the hospital spaces, spending the whole day in masks.

"The capacity of a society to act is very powerful," said Margarita del Val, moving from the field of epidemiology to that of behavior – both, obviously, complement each other.

“If we hadn't wanted to confine ourselves, the pandemic would have been explosive. If we stay that way, we may never have a second wave ”.

"Depend on us".


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