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No more "Leave and Remain labels." Boris plan for Brexit approved …

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No more "Leave and Remain labels." Boris plan for Brexit approved ...

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The new British Parliament approved this Friday the UK Exit Agreement from the European Union (EU) in general. Thus, the country should be able to complete Brexit before January 31, 2020.

With 358 votes in favor and 234 against, the Conservative Party government, which currently has a majority of 80 deputies in the House of Commons, was able to see its proposal approved after more than a year of standstill, with no agreement approved in Parliament. British.

Prior to the vote, Prime Minister Boris Johnson put forward arguments in favor of his agreement, which underlined allowing the country to "depart on January 31", at which time Brexit will be "completed." "We come together as a new Parliament to break the deadlock and finally reach Brexit," said the prime minister, who won the December 12 elections.

“This cannot be seen as the victory of one party over another or one faction over another. This is the moment when we move forward and abandon the old labels of Leave and Remain, ”he added. For Boris, the terms of the referendum are "as defunct" as those of Montéquio and Capuleto are at the end of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet's play.

“There is a better way for this country to leave the EU”

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn reacted to the result, saying it was necessary to “respect the decision” of the Brexit referendum, but said the Labor Party would not vote in favor of this agreement. "We remain certain that there is a better and fairer way for this country to leave the European Union," he said.

"The deal will be used as a weapon to get us on the road to further deregulation and a toxic deal with Donald Trump that will sell our National Health Service (NHS) and raise the price of medicines," the opposition leader said. which meanwhile announced the departure of Labor leadership following the election results.

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No more "Leave and Remain labels." Boris plan for Brexit approved ...

Jeremy Corbyn, Labor Leader

The proposed EU exit agreement proposed on Friday has changes compared to the initial agreement that had already been proposed to vote before the elections. The main change presented is the time limit imposed for the transitional period, due to come into force on 31 January, during which the UK and the EU must negotiate a new trade treaty. The document now approved imposes a limit of up to the end of 2020 to reach this agreement, allowing no further postponements.

The parties had initially agreed that this transition could be extended to two years if, by July 2020, both parties considered it necessary given the absence of a bilateral agreement. Johnson thus assures that from 2021 the United Kingdom will have no connection to the European bloc.

Also the clause obliging the British government to have a statement on the objectives for negotiating the future relationship approved by MPs has been deleted. Johnson will be able to negotiate a trade partnership with Brussels without having to provide information or need parliamentary validation, ensure greater negotiating leeway and prevent the process from being blocked by MEPs.

Other amendments concern the area of ​​justice, with indications for the British courts to reconsider decisions of the European Court of Justice.

There is also a requirement for members of government to report annually to parliament on disputes that exist with the EU and the need to overturn laws that "no longer make sense".

The clauses guaranteeing the protection of workers' rights and reinforcing the rights of refugee children were also expunged.

The House of Commons now enters Christmas and New Year holidays. MPs will resume the debate on the Brexit agreement in the specialty on January 7, with three days of discussion scheduled. The diploma goes up to the House of Lords, presumably on January 13, more than two weeks before the date set for consummation of the European bloc. For ratification to be complete, the agreement must also be approved by the European Parliament.


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