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Nubank can launch automotive insurance service with more competitive values

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Nubank can launch automotive insurance service with more competitive values

Nubank always seeks to innovate its product line to serve various types of customers. fintech recently began studying the function to release the function of approximation payments via NFC through a smartphone that is compatible with the technology.

In addition, the company is always listening to customers and, because of this, began to implement – in 2018 – the function of payments via debit with cards, in addition to opening a digital account totally without fees for individuals and legal entities.

But fintech doesn’t want to leave its products and solutions only in the financial world and has begun to study the possibility of providing its customers with an automotive insurance service at prices lower than those currently charged. Furthermore, the company is studying a way to offer these insurances with varying values – which may be different according to the mileage round by the car.

In this study, the company sent a survey to some of its customers. Divided into phases, this research began by asking if the user owns a car (the company did not consider the ownership of motorcycles), what the market value of the car is, what year of manufacture and whether the customer already has insurance for his own good.

In case of a negative answer to this last question, Nubank questioned the reasons: whether it was for financial reasons, whether the customer did not see a cost-benefit in insurance, if they do not like the companies that currently offer insurance or if they have other priorities for their income at the moment.

For customers who already have insurance, the company questioned whether they had an interest in switching companies. In this case, fintech would give two options:

  • A plan with complete coverage for theft, theft, beatings, damage to third parties, winch 24 hours, keychain etc., for R $ 130 per month.
  • A plan with a fixed rate of R$ 85 per month plus a variable of R$ 0.05 per kilometer run in the month.

To trigger the insurance the customer could access the application and request technical support to open the claim. In addition, there is also a 24-hour telephone service option.

So far there is no confirmation from the company regarding this insurance and Nubank says it is only studying the possibility for now. In a note to the technoblog the company explained: “We constantly study the possibility of adding any products and services to our portfolio; this, however, does not mean that the ideas researched will be effectively made available to our consumers, nor that there is any prediction of new releases at the moment.”

As for possible competitions, in a recent market survey, it was found that insurance values can range from R$ 1,243 to R$ 4,228.


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