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NY Governor charges White House for resources: ‘Choose who dies’

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NY Governor charges White House for resources: ‘Choose who dies’

The state of New York has at least 25,665 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and the number of infected people is doubling every three days, said Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, 24. The Democrat asked the federal government for more help in the fight against Covid-19 and said his state should be treated as a priority by the White House at this time.

"We didn't flatten the curve, the curve is actually increasing," lamented Cuomo, in a more sober tone than he had used in previous days. "The peak is higher and it came faster than we thought," he said.

In addition to the confirmed cases, New York recorded 153 deaths. At a news conference on Tuesday, the governor called on Donald Trump's government officials to send more medical equipment and respirators to treat patients.

According to Cuomo, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) sent 400 respirators to the state, but New York needs at least 30,000 at this time. "What should I do with 400 respirators when I need 30,000?" He asked. "Choose the 26,000 people who are going to die, because they only sent 400 respirators," he said in a message to the federal government.

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The governor also affirmed that the federal resources reserved for the fight against the coronavirus must be allocated first to his state and later allocated to the rest of the country. “What happens with New York will end up happening in the states of California, Washington and Illinois; it's just a matter of time, ”he said. "We just got there first."

The state of New York, on the east coast of the United States, has become the epicenter of the epidemic of the new coronavirus in the country. The region is responsible for half of the American cases.

The multiplication of cases was caused by the intense ability to spread the virus, according to health authorities. But also because of the significant increase in the number of tests performed.

Since Sunday 22, all non-essential businesses have been closed by state decree. Supermarkets, pharmacies, laundries, auto mechanics and parks still remain open. Restaurants and cafes can only operate by offering delivery service.

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New Yorkers were instructed to stay indoors, except for needs such as food, medicine and short exercise. Public transport services, such as the subway and buses, continue to operate on a reduced basis.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the United States could become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, amid a "great acceleration" in the number of cases.


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