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One hundred American soldiers suffer concussion from Iran's January attack

by ace

Images released by Iranian agency show moment when Iran's missiles hit American military bases in Iraq – 07/01/2020 Reproduction / Twitter

The United States Department of Defense revealed on Tuesday that 11 American soldiers were diagnosed with concussion due to an attack by Iranian missiles on two American bases in Iraq in early January. The number of injured people is at least 170% higher than indicated by the American authorities two weeks ago.

According to the Pentagon's latest report on the situation of soldiers, only 64 had been diagnosed with symptoms of brain damage from the Iranian attack on January 8, a counteroffensive by the United States operation that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani five days ago. before.

The Pentagon had already explained in January that the increase in the number of reported cases of concussion is due to the fact that patients involved in "moderate" incidents take longer to develop the symptoms of the injury. About 70% of wounded soldiers have returned to service.

American President Donald Trump had said in a response to the Iranian offensive that no American had been hurt by the attack and had underestimated the seriousness of the concussion cases.

“I heard that they (the wounded soldiers) have a headache, and some other things. But I would say and I can say that (the situation) is not very serious, ”said Trump in January. Asked specifically about concussions, the American president said he did not consider them "very serious, compared to other injuries" that he "has seen".


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