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PagSeguro PagBank announces investment in CDB in digital account with income …

by ace

PagSeguro PagBank is another company that offers an investment option for its customers. As of today, July 10, customers who have a digital account with fintech can invest their money in CDB, which will have a daily income.

The practice is already quite common in other fintechs, such as Nubank, for example, which also offers daily income.

Another advantage of the PagSeguro PagBank CDB application is that the money will yield up to 100% of the CDI, which guarantees an even greater profit than what happens with the application of the values ​​in a common savings account, usually offered by traditional banks.

“This is another option that we are offering to our customers, ideal for them to start an emergency reserve and / or separate their savings from the PagBank account balance, with a yield greater than savings and with no grace period. In other words, the customer can have daily income and redeem at any time ”, comments Ricardo Dutra, CEO of PagSeguro PagBank.

In addition, customers who invest their investments in the PagSeguro Pagbank CDB for six months or more can apply for a VISA International credit card free of charge and with a credit limit equal to the amount invested.

To apply to the fintech CDB, just open the PagBank app, go to the “Products” tab and click on “Apply my money”. The minimum investment amount is R $ 500.

We remind you that the PagBank app also offers a 2% cashback to top up prepaid cell phones within the app. For those who are not yet a customer, it is possible to open an account directly through the app, which is available for iOS and Android and can be accessed by the card below.


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