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“Patient 1” in Italy recovers (and welcomes Giulia, his daughter …

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“Patient 1” in Italy recovers (and welcomes Giulia, his daughter ...

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Giulia, the newborn daughter of Italy's “patient 1”, came to bring some hope to the country, in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

Mattia, 38, was admitted to the hospital in Codogno, in the province of Lombardy, in northern Italy, on February 20, with severe pneumonia. It was the first case of covid-19, the so-called “patient 1” in Italy, revealing that the virus was already circulating in the country and that the transmission was communal.

On March 25, after more than a month in serious condition, Mattia was discharged and, on Tuesday, her daughter Giulia came into the world after her mother, Valentina, also overcame the coronavirus when she was already in the eighth month gestation.

"What a wonderful new. Giulia, daughter of Mattia and Valentina, was born. I send my congratulations to Codogno's mother and father. And I welcome Giulia. We wish you a glorious life, ”wrote the president of the Lombardy government, Attilio Fontana, on Facebook.

Che bella notizia! ❤️È cream Giulia, figlia di Mattia and di Valentina. All the mamma and the papa di Codogno le me felicitazioni e quelle di tutta la Lombardia.A Giulia, benvenuta !!! And a joyous life!

Published by Attilio Fontana in Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Mattia's case was discovered thanks to the intuition of the physician Annalisa Malara, from the Codogno hospital, who, upon realizing that the young and healthy patient was not improving from pneumonia, asked for authorization to perform the test for the new coronavirus.

At the time, the test was only done on Italians from Wuhan and two Chinese tourists who felt bad in Rome. It was never established how Mattia was infected by the virus, as it had nothing to do with China.

The pregnant woman also tested positive for the virus, but recovered at Sacco hospital in Milan after a few days.

On February 21, a few days after being admitted to Codogno, Mattia was transferred to the San Matteo hospital in Pavia, where he was treated for more than a month with an experimental cocktail of drugs, antibiotics and antivirals.

On February 22, the virus was spread across the north of the country and the Italian Government created the first “red zone” to block eleven municipalities: ten in Lombardy and one in Veneto, restrictions that gradually, and in view of the spread of the pandemic, were expanded throughout Italy.


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