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Pelosi says Donald Trump is "constant threat" to national security

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Pelosi says Donald Trump is "constant threat" to national security

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US House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said today that Donald Trump is a "constant threat" to US "national security" during the debate on voting for the President's removal articles.

“The President's irresponsible acts made his impeachment necessary. He left us no choice, ”said Nancy Pelosi, referring to the Democrats' decision to bring articles of dismissal for approval in the House of Representatives.

According to Pelosi, the president acted as a "constant threat to national security and the integrity of the elections" by trying to pressure a foreign leader to investigate a political rival of Trump.

If the House of Representatives approves, with a simple majority, the two articles of dismissal, as it seems to happen tonight (Thursday morning in Portugal), the process will pass to the Senate, where a political trial could lead to the President's resignation, if approved by a 2/3 majority, which is not predictable, because the upper house of Congress is dominated by Republicans.

"Unfortunately, the vision of the Republic of our founding fathers is threatened by White House actions," said Nancy Pelosi, explaining allegations of misuse of power and congressional obstruction against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has again pleaded not guilty to the dismissal inquiry, which began in early October, on charges that the President had pressured his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyz Zelensky to investigate the activity with a Ukrainian company involved. in cases of corruption by the son of a political rival, Joe Biden.

But Democrats will insist on evidence gathered at hearings of the Intelligence Committee, first, and Judiciary Committee, later, to legitimize the decision to consider that the President's activity in the Ukrainian case is subject to dismissal.

"It's tragic that the President's reckless actions make impeachment necessary," Pelosi said, adding that Trump violated the constitution and deserves to be dismissed.

“We are here to defend democracy for the people,” concluded the leader of the House of Representatives.


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