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Physicist proposes a stellar engine to move our Solar System

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Physicist proposes a stellar engine to move our Solar System

Interstellar exploration is a significant part of space exploration that will reveal the secrets of the cosmos. In addition, human travel to interstellar space would be a historic event.

Although spaceships to allow such visits do not yet exist, there may be no need to invent them. Illinois State University astrophysicist Matthew Caplan has proposed the use of a "star engine" that will transform our solar system into a spaceship.

A video posted on Youtube explores the concept of theoretical starter motors with the ability to propel the Sun and with it the entire Solar System. The video also explains how the cosmic megastructure works with the help of The Shadakov Thruster, presented by physicist Leonid Shkadov. The concept is similar to the LightSail spacecraft, but in this case it would mean using the sun's energy to move it.

The passive solar sail system would be astronomically slow. "At full throttle, the solar system could probably be moved in about one hundred light years over 230 million years."

According to Mashable, the creator of the content asked Illinois State University astrophysicist Matthew Caplan if it would be possible to go faster, which led to the Publication from an article in the scientific journal Acta Astronautica. The document describes design considerations for maximizing star motor acceleration.

For the video, the astrophysicist presented an active engine based on the atomic method of spatial propulsion: Bussard ramjet. The engine would use matter from the sun as fuel in thermonuclear fusion reactors that would release a jet of oxygen particles at about 1% of the speed of light outside the solar system. A second jet would release hydrogen from a particle accelerator to push the sun forward and balance the force of the first jet so that the engine would not collide with the fireball.

Dubbed the YouTube channel as Caplan Thruster, the star engine could push the Solar System at a distance of 50 light years in about a million years.


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