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Police in India beat up citizens who break quarantine

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Police in India beat up citizens who break quarantine

Policeman beats an Indian citizen who violated the 'total quarantine' presidential order – 03/25/2020 Adnan Abidi / Reuters

In India, videos recorded by the population show that the police are using violence to crack down on those who violate total quarantine in the country, enacted by President Narendra Modi on Tuesday 24 in an attempt to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

Social media echoed recordings of authorities beating and flogging citizens on the streets. Videos showed Indian police forcing groups of men to do squats and push-ups as punishment.

How insensitive can one get 🤬

These are difficult times & what he is carrying only essential supplies, right?

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Why should he be beaten black & blue like he is some criminal 😞

Indian police, you can do better. # Covid19Out # Lockdown21 #lockdown pic.twitter.com/vrNXPv3NSX

– Santosh Addagulla (@santoshspeed) March 25, 2020

All commercial establishments, factories, workshops and religious temples in India were closed for 21 days from Wednesday 25. Modi announced the blockade only four hours in advance, and the shutdown of trains and buses prevented migrant workers from returning to their villages, overloading shelters and making social isolation impossible.

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Whoever disrespects the curfew, trying to walk to their villages, or even leaving home to go to the market, runs the risk of being beaten by the police. According to the American newspaper Los Angeles Times, the police are unfriendly and harass even those who ask for help.

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced on Thursday 26 a $ 22 billion aid package for about 800 million “poor and suffering workers” in a country that has 1.3 billion people. population.

Police in India beat up citizens who break quarantine Indian police physically punish quarantine violators, forcing them to squat on the street – 26/03/2020 Channi Anand / AP

But about 80% of Indian workers – about 471 million people – are informal, meaning they have no contracts, social security and are not covered by labor laws. The package may not reach the labor without a bond, without documents proving its eligibility.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, in the United States, India already has 887 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 20 deaths due to Covid-19.


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