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Prime Minister of Ireland returns to doctor during pandemic

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Prime Minister of Ireland returns to doctor during pandemic

Aidan Crawley / EPA

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, a medical doctor, decided to offer to return to practice as a health professional during the covid-19 pandemic, which has already killed 174 people in that country.

"Many of your family members and friends are working in the health services (…) I wanted to help even in a small way," said a spokesman, quoted by Express.

Once a week, Varadkar will do patient evaluations over the phone, that is, he will be in the initial phase of someone exposed to the new coronavirus.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the prime minister's return to medicine will have already happened this Sunday, in a Dublin hospital.

Leo Varadkar is the son of a doctor and a nurse and he served for seven years before being elected to the Irish Parliament. Her partner is a surgeon and two sisters and their husbands also work in this area, the weekly details.

In the middle of the pandemic, the Irish Ministry of Health is trying to recruit health professionals to the public system, having already responded to thousands of doctors, nurses and medical students. Retired professionals and residing abroad were also available to help.

At 10 am on Tuesday, Ireland recorded 5364 positive cases of covid-19, with 174 people to mourn. There is also a record of 25 recovered people.

At the moment, the country is trying to double its capacity to test 4500 daily, but the lack of chemicals used in the reagent proves to be a difficulty.


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