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Radio in the North Pole gained 50 thousand new listeners (and all Portuguese)

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Radio in the North Pole gained 50 thousand new listeners (and all Portuguese)

Cal Lockwood / Instagram

Norwegian radio Arctic Outpost

A simple live chat on Instagram caused a “wave of Portuguese fans” to arrive at a radio station in Longyearbyen, Norway.

During this quarantine period, Bruno Nogueira decided to log in live every night, on his Instagram account, to speak with several friends, many of them also known to the general public.

The format, which would be just a way for the comedian to feel less alone in times of a pandemic, has become a real success among his followers (usually, there are about 50 thousand people watching), and has even won a name: "How does the animal move?".

The comedian and radio announcer Nuno Markl is one of the guests with almost guaranteed presence in these evening conversations. And that was how, this Tuesday night, a simple conversation between friends caused a phenomenon on the Internet.

The radio host said that, through the application Radio Garden, discovered an unknown radio station in the North Pole, called Arctic Outpost, which mainly plays jazz and blues. Markl then asked people who saw the right to follow the account of Instagram the radio host responsible for the project, Cal Lockwood, who, at the time, had only three followers.

Later, already in conversation with the actor and musician Nuno Lopes, Bruno Nogueira suggested that they ask the Norwegian broadcaster to show a song by the Portuguese pianist Mário Laginha. And that ended up happening, around three in the morning, to the sound of “Fuga em Fá Maior”.

One day after all this conversation, Lockwood had almost 50 thousand new followers on his Instagram, all of them Portuguese, and the increase in listeners on his radio was so significant that the site went down.

“Connection problems due to an increase in listeners. We are sorry if you are having problems when trying to connect to our online stream. We are working to improve this situation. Hello, Portugal! ”, Reads the message shared by Lockwood, who was accompanied by the image of the national flag.

In your account Instagram, Nuno Markl said that “the wave of Portuguese fans” left his radio host “as happy as he was stressed”. “He tells me that he is resistant to medium and short waves, and that he makes this hidden radio of old music, at his station in Longyearbyen, more for his enjoyment, because he thinks that nobody wants to know. Only we want ”.

“In these times of isolation, this unexpected Portugal – North Pole bridge was a kind of fable that involved a lot of people and made solitude less lonely. And there's incredibly good music. Cal is already increasing the capacity of the servers and is very grateful for the interest! ”, He said.

And here is more proof that, even far from everything and everyone, in times of quarantine and pandemic, we have never been so close.


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