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RecargaPay announces partnership with social projects to encourage donations

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RecargaPay announces partnership with social projects to encourage donations

With the advancement of the new coronavirus in the world, the number of companies and institutions that dedicate their activities to fundraising or support to help the people who most need help in times of crisis grows.

With that, RecargaPay – fintech for digital payments – announced today, June 2, that it will support and encourage donations to two organizations that have social projects to help the people most affected by COVID-19.

“In the moment we live, supporting social causes has become a priority for us. We are happy to help these institutions and increasingly want to support projects like these, ”explains Renato Camargo, country manager at RecargaPay.

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The first of the organizations is the ISOLAR Project, which is designed by the agency MILL IDEAS, and collaborates with workers who are on the front lines of combating the disease. The institution offers, through its services, temporary individual housing for these people, with food, personal hygiene kits and home cleaning, and transportation between the accommodation and the workplace. This allows people who are most exposed to the virus to maintain a safe distance from their families during the pandemic.

These professionals have been facing a long workday and many are afraid to return to their homes and contaminate their families, or even suffer popular harassment in public transport, which has been happening. The idea was to make the company's expertise in planning and operations available to brands and civil society to enable actions that can save lives

Camila Putignani

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The SOS Children's Villages Brazil is an NGO that supports children who have lost or may lose the care of their parents. The organization raises funds to maintain its social projects and provide emergency assistance to thousands of families who are without income due to the pandemic. In addition, it offers psychosocial support and material assistance, with basic food baskets, hygiene kits, among other initiatives that help the populations most affected by the crisis.

Aldeias Infantis is home to more than 500 children and teenagers and provides assistance to over 2,000 vulnerable families. But in this moment of crisis, hundreds of other families need this support so that they can respect social isolation with dignity.

Edmond Sakai
Director of Institutional Relations at Aldeias Infantis

RecargaPay informed that to make donations, just access the website of one of the institutions and select the desired amount for donations. And to encourage users to perform the good deed, fintech gives a discount of R $ 10 on its application for purchasing services from partners, paying bills, recharging cell phones, among others.


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