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Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle | Comparative

by ace

Brands follow their race to see who launches the most devices, even if they are very similar physically and technically. After the Redmi Note 7 was successful, Xiaomi launched even more Redmi Note 8 and now does the same with the Redmi Note 9.

We have already analyzed all these phones, and the conclusion is that the Redmi Note 9s is the true successor to the line that brings one of the most cost-effective of Xiaomi. Sometimes. They didn’t come cheap, but it might be worth choosing the new one instead of last year’s 8.

It will be? If you are curious to find out, follow our conclusions in this comparison here at TudoCelular.com.

Android 29 Jun

Redmi Note 8: Xiaomi capped performance to make sense

Android 28 Out

Comparative index


Redmi Note 9s

We have two intermediate smartphones in the race. In the material they have the body and frame in plastic, with the back in glass Gorilla Glass 5. The Note 9s follows more the general fashion and its back and edges are well rounded, the two slide quite in hand. The edges of the Note 9s are matte, while those of the Note 8 mimic shiny metal.

The Note 8 has features from last year and has a straight back, with slightly rounded corners. It also brings the trend of cameras in a traffic light position in one of the corners, while the Note 9s brings the rectangular module widely used this year, only centralized.

While there is no protection in the Note 8, the newer model already has a higher investment and brings protection against splashes. The edges around the screen did not diminish from one to the other, but the notch went from a drop to a hole in the center, more discreet.

Redmi Note 8

The biometrics are also different, and while standing on the back of the Note 8, it went sideways on the Note 9s. Interesting, but it is a position that not everyone can appreciate. Both are dual sim and have a dedicated slot for the microSD.

Finally, in size, the Note 9s is bigger, thicker and heavier than the Note 8, partly because it has a bigger screen, partly because it also has a bigger battery. Both come with a silicone case in the box, but the Note 9s comes with film applied.

The first point is from the Redmi Note 9s.

Best construction Redmi Note 9s Slot is hybrid or not? None Do you have any resistance? Redmi Note 9s Best notch solution Redmi Note 9s Best biometry solution None Which is lighter and thinner? Redmi Note 8

Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle |  Comparative

Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle |  Comparative

76.68 x 165.75 x 8.8 mm
6.67 inches – 2400×1080 px

75.3 x 158.3 x 8.4 mm
6.3 inches – 2340×1080 px

Multimedia and resources


Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle |  Comparative

The Note 9s is a large device, and this is due to its 6.67 inch screen, against one of 6.3 of Note 8. There are two IPS displays with FullHD + definition, but they differ in their use of the body screen, which is much better in Note 9s.

The aspect is also different, and the Note 9s’ 20: 9 are slightly longer than the Note 8’s 19.5: 9. They are protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and the newer model supports HDR10, which can be used in YouTube and Netflix, for example.

In terms of brightness, neither one is exquisite, and does not compete with others like Samsung, but the intensity is satisfactory. Note 8 achieves higher levels of brightness, but color contrast and fidelity are better and excellent on Note 9s.

For the whole work, the point is the Redmi Note 9s.

Best screen technology None Best screen resolution None Best screen / body ratio Redmi Note 9s High Hz screen? None Overall quality of the Redmi Note 9s screen


Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle |  Comparative

If we’re talking about Xiaomi, we’re talking about a box without headphones. At least both have a P2 connection to use the ones you want. In external audio, there are two mono devices, with sound expected for intermediaries, that is, just good.

The volume is good, louder on the Note 8, but while it exaggerates the treble, the Note 9s pays more attention to the midrange, and both forget the bass.

Because it has the highest volume, Note 8 gets the dot.

Sound is stereo? None Does it have a P2 input? Both Do you have high quality protocols and settings for Bluetooth and wire? None Do headphones come in the box? none


Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle |  Comparative

Here we have two phones with the MIUI interface, which is practically a new system that Xiaomi designs using Android. In this case, Note 8 comes out of the box with MIUI 10 and Android 9 Pie, but already has an update to Android 10 along with MIUI 12.

The Note 9s is already out of the box with Android 10, since it is newer, and its MIUI 11 and should move to 12 soon, in addition to having the most likely update to Android 11. So one is more updated now and the other will be more updated in the long run.
Despite being from the same company, they are two interfaces with differences. MIUI 12 is more similar to the current iOS, while in Note 9s there is no app drawer, unlike its simpler Redmi Note 9 version.

Overall, it is a system that allows a lot of customization, including themes. They have dark mode, Game Turbo to make gaming better, in addition to the remote control app.

The connections are very similar, with WiFi ac dual band and GPS, in addition to infrared. The Bluetooth version of the Note 9s is newer, 5.0. Strangely, neither has NFC.

They end up tied in this regard.

System well updated? Redmi Note 8 System will be updated in the future? Redmi Note 9s Which system or customization has more and better features? Redmi Note 8 Missing connections? Are they left? Redmi Note 9s


Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle |  Comparative

If the Redmi Note 9 brings a MediaTek chipset, the Note 9s is like the Note 8 and has a Qualcomm set. In the newer we have a Snapdragon 720G, while the other brings the old known Snapdragon 665. Both houses 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage – with a version of 6 GB and 128 GB for the Note 9s.

Note 8, for lack of performance optimization, does well in benchmarks but poorly in our app opener tests. The Note 9s does much better in the benchmarks, but is only 5 seconds ahead of its rival in our practice tests.

They are devices that perform well on a daily basis, but whose system ends up turning off more apps in the background than it should. In games, Note 8 will run any title without a problem, but Note 9s stands out for being able to run multiple titles at 60fps, making it a better choice for gaming.

The point, for almost every reason, and the Redmi Note 9s.

Who does best in the opening test? Redmi Note 9s Who wins in the most demanding games? Redmi Note 9s Who has the best benchmark numbers? Redmi Note 9s What is the most updated processor? Redmi Note 9s Which has better RAM / processor balance Redmi Note 9s Which has more storage? none


Redmi Note 9s vs Note 8: a very unfair battle |  Comparative

On the battery, we see a better number in the Note 9s, which has 5,020 mAh against 4,000 mAh of the Note 8. And as we might expect, the duration is better in this newer one.

In our real-time tests, the Note 9s reached a great mark of almost 26 hours of use, while the Note 8 reached almost 18 hours, still a good number. Basically the two spend a day off the plug, but with less use the Note 9s can reach up to 2 days of autonomy.

Having a large battery, the Note 9s comes with a 22.5W fast charger, which is fine but leaves you just 15 minutes under two hours in the socket. The Note 8, even with a smaller battery, has a 10W charger and spends two hours and 15 minutes recharging.

It is another clear point for the Note 9s.

Which has more battery? Redmi Note 9s Which recharges faster? Redmi Note 9s Which lasts the longest according to the TC battery test? Redmi Note 9s Do you have wireless charging? none


The set of cameras of these two smartphones is quadruple and very similar, differing in just one camera. Look:

  • Redmi Note 9s: a 48 megapixel main wide with f / 1.8 aperture and PDAF; an 8 megapixel ultrawide; a 5 megapixel macro with autofocus and a 2 megapixel depth sensor;
  • Redmi Note 8: a 48 megapixel main wide with f / 1.8 aperture and PDAF; an 8 megapixel ultrawide; a 2 megapixel macro with autofocus and a 2 megapixel depth sensor.

Only the macro differs, and in the result of this type of capture there is a discrepancy, since the Note 9s sensor does very well and better than the Note 8, being one of the best macros we have seen to date in an intermediate, with great details and the advantage of autofocus. Ultrawide both do well, looking like the main camera and bringing a decent amount of detail, contrast without exaggeration and good dynamic range.

In the main camera the two do well, with good color balance and a high level of detail. However, it is possible to say that the Note 9s does better, presenting less noise and with better dynamic range. In less light situations, both will be miserable.

The point of the rear camera is with the Note 9s.

Best rear camera set Redmi Note 9s Best DxOMark if you have None More balanced colors Both Best night photos None Best outdoor photos Redmi Note 9s Best indoor photos Redmi Note 9s

Photos taken with the Redmi Note 9s

In terms of video, the two are only reasonable. They record in 4K, but electronic stabilization or 60 fps only appear from FullHD. Note 9s also allows you to record with the macro, and ultrawide the …


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