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RTP2 stays over six hours with zero viewers and hits historic low

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RTP2 stays over six hours with zero viewers and hits historic low

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It was a disastrous holiday season for RTP2. The second channel had already recorded its lowest share ever on Christmas Eve, with only 0.8%, but 2019 still reserved for the public channel a new historical low.

This Tuesday, RTP2 did not go beyond a residual 0.5% share, managing to drop three tenths to its worst result ever. The result is particularly negative on a day when average television consumption was above usual, RTP2 was a total of 6 hours and 27 minutes without a single viewer, according to GfK's measurement.

Since audience measurement is by sampling, the fact that none of the GfK audiometer homes tuned in to RTP2 during this period does not support the conclusion that the channel has been totally unpublished, but is a symptom of the lack of adherence to the channel. channel programming directed by Teresa Passion.

Although a significant portion of these zero minutes were recorded at dawn from Monday to Tuesday, a period with little weight in the daily result, there were several relevant slots in RTP2 hit the red. Almost the entire first hour of the Zig Zag space, between 7:04 am and 8 am, was at 0.0% rating and 0.0% share, for example.

Between 11h and 17h RTP2 returned to the zero spectators sporadically, especially in a few isolated minutes but also in longer periods, such as between 11:40 am and 12:06 pm, or between 1:58 pm and 2:14 pm.

A year later, the same New Year's Eve concert

The RTP2 bids for the 31st had some differentiating elements from the usual grid, but the Zig Zag remained for most of the daytime. The children's space, which bet on some animated films, started the day with almost an hour to zero but managed to recover, closing with an average of 0.2% audience and 1.3% share in the morning block.

The afternoon block was not so lucky. With the younger ones turning their attention to other channels, notably SIC movies, Zig Zag had an average audience of only 0.2% and a 0.5% share between 5:14 pm and 9:04 pm.

In the evening, Teresa Paixão bet on the premiere of The Uprising of Beja at 9:05 pm, a documentary about the attempted revolution that happened on New Year's Eve from 1961 to 1962. The documentary managed to stay above the average of the day, but it was not beyond 0 , 4% audience and 0.9% share. The rest of the night had even more modest values.

The last episode of Happiness scored just 0.2% / 0.4%, an unusually low result for a night series on the channel. Channel 2 entered 2020 with A Winter Night – Sting Live at Durham Cathedral, which averaged just 0.2% audience share and 0.4% share.

The British singer's 2009 concert was once again the public channel choice for New Year's Eve, having premiered precisely one year ago on December 31, 2018. That day things went much better on RTP2, with the Sting concert. having at the time more than double the audience (0.4% / 1.1%), and the channel having a daily share of 1.3%.

It was a particularly negative end to a year that didn't even go wrong with RTP2. The channel managed to reverse the downward trend in annual averages, raising its market share to 1.5%, one tenth more than in 2018.


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