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Russia says it stabilized Covid-19 despite 24h death toll

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Russia says it stabilized Covid-19 despite 24h death toll

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that the country had already surpassed the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, on the same day that the country recorded the record number of deaths caused by the disease . Moscow's official numbers of victims of Covid-19 have been questioned internally and pointed out abroad as manipulated.

Putin claimed that the pandemic "remains generally stable in the country, regions and in the army" and, therefore, "we can consider that the peak has already been overcome".

With more than 362,341 confirmed cases on Tuesday, Russia was overtaken by Brazil last week and now ranks third among the countries most affected by Covid-19. On Tuesday, it registered 174 more deaths from the disease, bringing its total to 3,807 deaths. The discrepancy between cases and deaths, which results in a lethality rate of just 1%, is the main target of suspected manipulation.

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Moscow remains the main focus of infection in Russia, with 169,303 confirmed cases on Tuesday – 2,830 more than the day before. The Russian capital remains in compulsory confinement for the population, at least, until the beginning of June. For the rest of the country, except St. Petersburg, Putin released governors to set the suspension of quarantine.

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In the Kremlin's view, however, there is a slight decrease in contagion, which suggests the beginning of the stabilization of the spread of the pandemic.

Putin took advantage of his speech to publicize the new date of military parades to commemorate the victory of Allied troops over Nazi Germany in World War II. "I order the preparations for the military parade to begin in the Russian capital and other cities (…) We will do it on June 24," he said during a meeting with his defense minister, Serguei Shoigu, broadcast on television. About Covid-19.

The parade was scheduled for May 9, but was postponed because of the quarantine still in effect. However, the president broke through the isolation and spoke at a modest ceremony attended by a small group of military personnel and broadcast live on television.

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