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Samsung Care Plus arrives in Brazil as brand insurance for Galaxy phones

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Samsung Care Plus arrives in Brazil as brand insurance for Galaxy phones

Samsung is bringing Samsung Care Plus to Brazil, its extended technical assistance program plus insurance against theft and qualified theft, as well as coverage in case of accidental smartphone breakages.

The initiative is unprecedented in Brazil since the programs of the type provided by Apple lack such coverage here. Care Plus is now available for Galaxy S, Note, A, M and even the famous J phones, so popular here in the country. Interestingly, the company cites local insurance for M10s and M20s that have not yet been launched in the country. Means?

There is also coverage for the Z Flip, but not for the Galaxy Fold.

Care Plus can be contracted in more than 300 brand stores across the country in addition to the website within 30 days after issuing the purchase invoice for the device. That is, the coverage only applies to new devices. If your smartphone was purchased on April 27 or earlier, the program is not for you (at that time).

The interested party may only hire extended warranty, accident coverage (the insurance covers only two coverages of the type per term of the contract), or protection for theft and theft. Theft and theft plus accident products can be combined into a single package, with a more advantageous price compared to the individual value of each protection.

We are very excited to bring Samsung Care + to the country. The company is focused on offering services that facilitate the routine of consumers, whether with products and services on a daily basis, or in case of need for specialized care due to an unforeseen event. By developing Samsung Care Plus and internalizing the operation, we streamlined technical assistance procedures, standardized service and raised the bar ”- Bruno Costa, senior manager of content and services for the mobile devices area at Samsung Brazil.

Created by Samsung, Care Plus has a partnership with the insurance company Assurant in Brazil. And for the first time in the country, a manufacturer will be directly responsible for managing the program, controlling service channels, attending to claims at the company's own Service and Repair Centers.

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A negative point that was evident in our research is that prices, at least for top-of-the-line smartphones, are not very advantageous. A Galaxy S10, for example, has a cost of R $ 1,199 for its complete insurance (accidents, thefts and thefts), which in comparison with other services on the market does not demonstrate a competitive value.

A very positive point, however, is that analyzing the children of the contract we confirm that there is no charge for deducting repairs or purchasing a new device in cases of theft, in addition to the product not having a minimum grace period.

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