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Seoul mayor missing, according to his family

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Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon: politician enjoys enormous popularity in his city World Tourism Organization / Press Release

South Korean police said on Thursday that they had put in place an intense search scheme to try to find Seoul’s mayor, Park Won-soon, shortly after his family reported his disappearance.

Sources at the prefecture of the South Korean capital said that “there is currently no news” about the whereabouts of Park, 64 years old.

The mayor’s daughter, Park Da-hee, reported her disappearance at about 5:17 pm (5:17 am GMT) on Thursday, 9, saying her father “had left home four or five hours ago, after leaving a letter that looks like a will and that your phone was turned off ”, informed the Yonhap agency.

Police said they had set up an intensive search operation that included police dogs and drones. The city had announced the cancellation of an event scheduled for today, in which Park Won-soon was scheduled to participate.

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Born in Changyeong, in the southern Gyeongsang province (southeast of the country), Park Won-soon has been mayor since 2011 and enjoys enormous popularity.

He is currently serving his third consecutive term (the first was as an independent candidate before joining the now Liberal Democratic Party in 2012) and, as a former pro-democracy and human rights activist, he is an important figure on the southern political scene -Korean.


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