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Staggered: Deval Patrick is 3rd Democrat in the week to abandon elections

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After just three months of campaigning, former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick announced on Wednesday, 12, the withdrawal of his pre-candidacy for the 2020 elections in the United States. Patrick is the third Democrat to leave the election race this week, after the New Hampshire primaries on Tuesday 11.

Patrick hoped to win delegates in the neighboring state and then South Carolina's black constituency in the February 29 primary, which tends to support former Vice President Joe Biden. But even the fall of Biden, who won just 8.4% of the vote in New Hampshire, did not help the former governor. On Tuesday, he received only 0.4% of the vote.

"I believed and still believe that we had a strong case for achieving better results," he said in a message to supporters. But, as he stated, the vote was not enough to take him to the next round.

Mass withdrawal

Deval Patrick was the third candidate to end his campaign after the New Hampshire primaries, following businessman Andrew Yang and Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, who dropped out on Tuesday night.

Yang, an outsider who built his campaign on the idea of ​​a universal basic income and the dangers of automation, abandoned the race after winning just 2.8% of the vote in New Hampshire and 1% in the Democratic previews of Iowa last week .

Andrew Yang, 44: one of the least known in a group that includes senators, ex-mayors, ex-governors and ex-presidents – 5/02/2020 Brendan McDermid / Reuters

The businessman was one of the most surprising Democratic candidates. With his intelligence, lightness and positivity, he gathered an eclectic base of anti-establishment voters from across the ideological spectrum: progressives, libertarians, disaffected voters and even supporters of Donald Trump who changed their red MAGA hats (“Make America Great Again” or “ Make America Great Again ”) by blue hats that say MATH (“ Make America Think Harder ”or“ Make America Think More ”).

Senator Michael Bennet, on the other hand, was a more classic candidate. Betting on a grassroots campaign, with dozens of events in city halls, unfiltered questions from the public and direct contact with voters, he remained a central figure within the Democratic Party and based his campaign on the promise of a return to normality. The strategy did not work. After putting all his chips in New Hampshire, he won just 0.3% of the vote, after zeroing in Iowa.

Staggered: Deval Patrick is 3rd Democrat in the week to abandon electionsBennet promised a return to normality after Trump: ‘If I get elected president, I promise you won’t have to think about me for several straight weeks’ – 12/8/2020 Elizabeth Frantz / Reuters

Game remains

Of the 28 Democrats who submitted a candidacy, eight still remain in the race. The favorites are Bernie Sanders, winner of the New Hampshire primaries, with 25.7% of the votes – although much less than the 60.14% won in 2016 -, Pete Buttigiege, with 24.4%, and Senator Amy Klobuchar, which is surprised in third place, with 19.8%. Senator Elizabeth Warren, less well-off, obtained less than 10% of the vote in New Hampshire, while Joe Biden came in fifth, with 8.4%

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and billionaire and activist Tom Steyer are still competing, without drawing attention.

The wild card in the story is Michael Bloomberg, the communications tycoon and former New York mayor who has not competed until now, but who has been growing in research and investing heavily in advertising nationwide.

According to the portal Real Clear Politics, which averages the most recent election polls, Bloomberg has 13.6% of the voting intentions in the dispute with the other Democratic pre-candidates, despite having entered the fray later in November. The percentage was enough to overtake one of the strongest competitors, Senator Warren, and to win third place on the favorites podium.

The tycoon is putting all the chips on Super Tuesday – the primaries in 16 states scheduled for March 3 – just those in which advertising turns into a sickle war and having lots of money makes all the difference. And he has that to spare: Bloomberg's wealth, estimated by the American magazine Forbes at $ 53.4 billion, exceeds that of Trump, projected at $ 3.1 billion.


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