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Teenager arrested in the United States accused of participating in an attack on …

by ace

A few weeks ago a major coordinated attack targeted several political and celebrity Twitter accounts. Among those affected are former US President Barack Obama, businessmen – and billionaires – Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, as well as profiles of companies like Uber and Apple.

At the time, their accounts were hacked by cybercriminals who started posting on their profiles asking for bitcoin transfers to a specific digital wallet with the promise of “double repaying the amount”.

Tempted by the “offer”, many fell for the scam and sent some amounts of the cryptocurrency to the account in question. Right afterwards, Twitter became aware of the attack and took several steps to resolve the case, in addition to temporarily blocking some features of the affected accounts to prevent further damage.

A day later reports began to emerge that the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation – began investigating the case in search of those responsible for the attack.

Now, less than two weeks after investigations began, FBI agents, in a coordinated action with the United States Department of Justice, located and apprehended one of the suspects in the attack: a 17-year-old who was sent to Jail. of Hillsborough County.

Although a photo of the suspect was published, further details about him, such as his name, were not released because he was a minor. According to information from New Channels 8, the minor has been tried on 30 charges, including the fraudulent use of personal information. He was reportedly able to collect more than $ 100,000 in bitcoins.


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