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Tesla uses Model 3 parts to build a fan

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Tesla uses Model 3 parts to build a fan

Tesla is also trying to help make up for the shortage of fans with a new prototype, made with parts of the Model 3.

Tesla built a fan using automotive components. The electrical manufacturer thus joins the growing group of companies that want to help fight the coronavirus outbreak by adapting the respective production chain.

Like Mercedes and General Motors, Tesla rolled up its sleeves and dedicated itself to the production of ventilators, a necessary equipment for the most serious cases in which covid-19 significantly affects the patient's breathing capacity.

Elon Musk's company shared a video on YouTube in which it shows the various phases of construction of this equipment: the planning, the construction phase with all the parts that integrate it, and the test of the final product.

(dr) TESLA

According to TechCrunch, engineers turned to Model 3 parts because they are components that they know well and have in stock. “We wanted to use components that we knew very well, that we knew about reliability and that were available in Silicon Valley,” said one of Tesla Engineering's professionals.

The most compact version of the fan includes a touch-sensitive screen where the process is monitored, which, like other support parts, is part of the Tesla Model 3 structure.

Engineers recognize that they still have a lot of work ahead of them, but this is just one more way to minimize the problem of a lack of fans to treat critically ill covid-19 patients.


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