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Texas church shooting leaves two dead and one wounded

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Texas church shooting leaves two dead and one wounded

A gunman opened fire in a church in the city of Fort Worth, Texas, during a religious celebration on Sunday, killing one person and seriously injuring another. He was shot by gunfire from church security personnel and died. Local authorities do not yet know the motivations of the perpetrator.

Police were called around 10 am (local time) to West Freeway Church of Christ on the outskirts of Fort Worth, neighboring Dallas.

In addition to the two dead and the seriously injured, two other people suffered minor injuries while hiding inside the church. Spokesmen for MedStar Mobile Healthcare, the hospital where the injured were taken, pointed out that the man accused of shooting was sent to the unit but could not resist the injuries.

The most seriously injured person suffered respiratory arrest while being taken to hospital but was resuscitated before being taken to the operating room.

Mike Tinius, one of the worshipers accompanying the religious ceremony, told The New York Times normally that one of the guards acting at the scene also died while exchanging gunfire with the man who raided the scene.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the attack on the church a "devilish act of violence," and took the opportunity to thank the security guards for protecting the site, hitting the perpetrator and preventing more people from dying.

The shooting was captured on video while church worship was apparently being broadcast on YouTube, according to the New York Daily News. “You feel your life is flashing before you. I was so worried about my little one, ”said Isabel Arreola, who was in the church.

The attack came about 12 hours after a man was arrested in New York for stabbing five people at a rabbi's house in the north of the city.

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