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The largest flower in the world “born” in Sumatra

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The largest flower in the world “born” in Sumatra

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The largest flower in the world "was born" on Sumatra Island in Indonesia. It is a 111 cm Rafflesia specimen.

According to the agency Europa Press, the flower of the Tuan-Mudae variety was “born” on New Year's Eve in Maninjau's nature conservation zone in Sumatra.

The specimen dethroned the world's largest flower record (107 centimeters) that also belonged to a specimen of its kind, which was found in the same area in mid-2017, according to Khairi Ramadhan, head of the Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Agency. Western (BKSDA).

BKSDA began observing the rare parasitic plant before Christmas on the 24th, and the flower bloomed “perfectly” on New Year's Day.

Khairi further detailed that this type of plant can be found in 13 places, most of which are concentrated by Lake Maninjau. Rafflesia is a genus of plants that contains 15 species – four more but not yet verified – that inhabit Southeast Asia (Sumatra, Philippines, Bordeaux).

These plants have no leaves and almost no stem: they consist of a five-petaled flower with a diameter greater than one meter and weigh about 10 kilograms. They usually smell unpleasant and usually attract flies, which pollinate without reward, the news agency writes.


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