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‘The Lion King’ is the most viewed movie of 2019 (and always) in Portugal

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‘The Lion King’ is the most viewed movie of 2019 (and always) in Portugal

The Lion King dethroned Avatar and became the most watched movie ever in Portugal. The data were released by the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual.

With 1 million 280,000 viewers in the room, Jon Favreau's latest remake of Walt Disney's 1994 animated classic overtook James Cameron's previous record holder Avatar, who brought 1,207,749 viewers to movie theaters. .

The two films are the most watched among the Portuguese since the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual, ICA, began collecting and disseminating this data in 2004.

The Disney classic, which premiered on July 18, 2019, took just two weeks of screening to become the most viewed movie of the year. The Lion King has also set records in the rest of the world, where he has already exceeded box office revenues of € 1.5 billion.

According to provisional data from the Institute, after The Lion King, the second most viewed movie of this year was Todd Phillips' Joker, with nearly 895,000 viewers. Thirdly, we have Avengers: Endgame by Anthony and Joe Russo, with over 670,000 Portuguese in theaters.

Now only Frozen II – The Ice Kingdom, which currently has over 486,000 viewers, and the newly debuted Star Wars: Episode IX – Skywalker's Rise, which in one week sold nearly 140,000 tickets, will be able to compete with these numbers.

Most viewed movies in theaters in Portugal in 2019 (until 25 December):

  1. The Lion King
  2. Joker
  3. Avengers: Endgame
  4. Frozen II- The Kingdom of Ice
  5. Toy story 4
  6. Spider-Man: Far From Home
  7. Dumbo
  8. Aladdin
  9. Captain Marvel
  10. Once upon a time in… Hollywood

These data show that 2019 was a good year for the national box office. Portuguese cinemas until November registered around 14 million viewers, representing an increase of 841 tickets issued (6.4%) over the same period of 2018.


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