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The lives of others: even Joe Biden skids in the age of zoom

by ace
The lives of others: even Joe Biden skids in the age of zoom

Joe Biden wants to be president of the United States, but he doesn't get along with technology. Ordinary things, like doing a live, giving an interview via Skype or, basically, controlling a cell phone.

He can also be caught by unforeseen circumstances unthinkable in normal times, such as the shrill squawking of wild geese that drowned out what he was speaking to a group of supporters very, very far from his home.

In addition to the loud geese, an iPhone started ringing in the middle of the story and a Secret Service agent appeared hesitantly in a corner of the screen in the garden.


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The scenes of terror in Brazilian public hospitals and possible ways to mitigate the crisis. Read in this issue.

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At 77, Biden is in total isolation. When he decided to change the usual environment, a basement turned into a studio that was already becoming sinister, was placed in a room, among flower pots, with a window in the background, overlooking the garden of his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Then it went even more wrong with the aggressive sound interference of geese, which bark like dogs – and are even used in some places as guard dogs (it was the geese of Juno's temple that gave the alarm and saved Rome from the infiltration of Gauls) , in 370 BC).

The plight of the Democratic candidate who wants to wipe Donald Trump off the map is an amusing picture of the era of involuntary snooping that the new virus has unleashed.

Work meetings, ministerial sessions, television interviews and performances by artists have become remote. With those locked up in their homes or offices.

The diaphanous cloak of fantasy was thus lifted.

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Without production, reflectors, professional cameras, makeup artists and hairdressers, people started to appear as they really are.

As the human being is crazy to know the life of others, books, photos and objects started to be scrutinized – of course, having the option, everyone prefers to appear with crowded shelves in the background, giving an idea of ​​seriousness.

When Prince Charles spoke of his studio – the old word is still used – the books on the shelf were deciphered by the tabloids.

The heir to the throne is in Birkhall, Scotland, his favorite haven. As Covid-19 already had, he could appear a little more, although at the risk of overshadowing his mother (94 years old and a lot of boats that will not leave the security of Windsor Palace anytime soon) or even his own son.

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Apart from family photos – his parents, his beloved grandmother, his grandson Archie – Charles has books that really relate to his interests, like botany and a detective novel written by a former jockey who became a writer.

The shelf of his wife, Camila, an identical model, also exposes the interests of the family: a photo of a horse and another of a dog, between family moments.

Who caused it in the era of virtual snooping: the businessman who forgot to turn off the camera and went to take a shower during the zoom round with Jair Bolsonaro; the Spanish journalist who spoke of a hotel room when a beauty wearing only a top appeared in the background, and was not his girlfriend; the virologist who gave an interview to Sky News with the look of someone who had just come out of the shower, with a handkerchief badly set on his head, with a plethora of cloth bags hanging behind the door.

But the confinement that really matters, in terms of political consequences, is that of the man who is most highly rated by the polls – yes, we know how they guarantee nothing – to be the next president of the United States.

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Early in the quarantine, his home was reinforced. In the gym, weights, equipment and a Peloton, the trainers' dream bike. In the basement office, which had not existed, more books, an American flag and a baseball glove, had been a camera apparatus.

When Biden is not bothered by technology, Biden becomes entangled with the words: he confuses facts, numbers and people, repeats buzzwords that would work very badly in a debate with Trump.

But will there be debate? At least in the sense of a confrontation in which the opponents are very close to each other, probably not.

The most complicated, at the moment, is if and when Biden will be relocated in the real world. The more precautions that surround him, the more the image of a man weakened by age increases, precisely in the middle of an epidemic that has the elderly as preferential targets.

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The vulnerability of the candidate for president can provoke empathy, but when voting, many voters will certainly consider whether it is safe to place a 77-year-old man in the White House, even more with the risk of new waves of the epidemic.

Ironically, the impulsive, unpredictable, explosive and unreliable Donald Trump could set himself up as the least unstable candidate.

The pandemic is causing major changes – and it was not just Madonna who noticed this, deleting the video in which she appears in a foam bath surrounded by candles, speaking nonsense.

A survey by OnePoll showed that government intervention is increasingly in demand, precisely in the country with a strong tradition of repudiation of the nanny state.

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With the primary concern focused on the disease, 84% of Democratic voters and 74% of Republicans declared themselves in favor of a single health system.

And more than 80% are in favor of perpetuating “government checks”, the emergency aid that would become, in practice, a minimum income program.

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It is probably this crisis aid that makes 62% of respondents declare that President Trump is handling the crisis well – to the despair of antitrumpists, certain that the size of the crisis, going to 100,000 dead, and behavior Trump's erratic meant his end.

Money in your pocket is a great influencer of opinion. Anywhere in the world.

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Joe Biden has more problems than life in quarantine, geese quacking and the damn little cell phone buttons.


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