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The world's largest firework painted Colorado's skies red

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The world's largest firework painted Colorado's skies red

(dr) Steamboat Fireworks

On Sunday, the pyrotechnic explosive, weighing 1,270 kilograms and measuring 1.57 meters in diameter, lit the Colorado sky in the United States red.

The night of last Sunday gave the skies of the North American state of Colorado with a special glow, after having launched the largest firework in the world.

With an approximate weight of 1,270 kilos and 1.57 meters in diameter, the explosive that opened the pyrotechnic spectacle was launched in the Emerald Mountain, within the framework of the Steamboat Springs festival.

The firework went up about 670 meters in the air before it exploded, details the New Scientist. The explosion, which painted the sky red, was worth a ticket to the Guinness record, previously achieved by the United Arab Emirates, on December 31, 2018.

"It is, in fact, a sense of accomplishment for all of us to be part of the world record, because the team loves pyrotechnic shows," Tim Borden, the leader of the team that develops the biggest fireworks, told CNN. Borden and his team had already tried to reach the record last year, but the explosion occurred too soon.

Social networks have also painted themselves red, with thousands of Internet users sharing photos and videos of the moment.


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