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Too much sleep may increase the risk of stroke

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Too much sleep may increase the risk of stroke

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Sleeping more than nine hours a night or taking long naps may increase the risk of stroke, a new research by scientists at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China has found.

To reach this conclusion, scientists analyzed the sleep and physical habits of 31,750 men and women in China with an average age of 61.7 years. Data were collected for six years, as detailed in the portal. Science daily.

The study, whose results were published The American Academy of Neurology journals found that people who slept nine or more hours a night were 23 percent more likely to have a stroke than those who slept for seven to eight hours.

People who slept less than six hours a night did not see any change in their chances of suffering a stroke.

According to the same research, naps can also be a problem. Participants taking naps 60 to 90 minutes minutes were 25% more likely to have a brain hemorrhage.

Naps up to 30 minutes did not cause any side effects.

The team adjusted the results with a number of factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or smoking, which could also increase the risk of stroke.

Still unknown causes

Xiaomin Zhang, one of the scientists involved in the research, said the exact causes of this phenomenon are not yet known, reiterating the need for further studies on this topic. "More research is needed to understand how taking long naps and sleeping more at night may be associated with a higher risk of stroke," she said.

Still, the author noted, "previous studies have shown that long naps and long nights of sleep are associated with unfavorable changes in cholesterol levels and increased abdominal diameter."

"In addition, naps and long nights of sleep may suggest an overall inactive lifestyle, which is also related to a higher risk of stroke."


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