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Toyota will build a "city of the future" in Japan

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Toyota will build a "city of the future" in Japan

Toyota has announced its plans to build a "city of the future" in Japan where about 2,000 people will live. The objective of the car manufacturer is to test technologies related to autonomous driving, among others.

According to the British newspaper The guardian, the announcement was made by the Japanese company in Las Vegas during the CES conference and the invitation was extended to several partners who wish to join.

The brand intends to start building it next year, in a former factory occupying more than 70 hectares near Mount Fuji, Japan. For the architect in charge, this will be an “interconnected, autonomous, emission-free city. where shared mobility solutions will create a world of opportunity for new forms of urban living. ”

Design and planning was left to Bjarke Ingels, the Danish architect whose firm was responsible for both World Trade Center towers and Google's headquarters in London and New York.

The city, called Woven City, in reference to the company's past in the textile industry, will be fully sustainable whose energy needs will be met through hydrogen and where cars and buildings will eliminate CO2 emissions.

The city will be a living research center where autonomous cars, robots and artificial intelligence will be part of the routine. The streets will have different lanes for autonomous vehicles, pedestrians and scooters and bicycles.

According to Engadget, the houses will be made from sustainable materials and will have robots that can help with everyday tasks, but also sensors equipped with artificial intelligence that assess the health of residents. In addition, homes will have artificial intelligence that can autonomously order what is missing from the fridge and put the garbage out there.

The project is designed to build housing for about 2,000 people – Toyota employees on research campuses who will be surrounded by their inventions and technological advances.

“They know that if we build [the city] people will come. I believe it is up to us, specifically companies like Toyota, to play our part in helping the world become a better place. Woven City will be a small but significant step towards fulfilling that promise, ”said the Toyota director.


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