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US had fictitious Marvel country on trading partner list

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US had fictitious Marvel country on trading partner list

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The fictional Wakanda country, home of Marvel's "Black Panther" superhero, was taken from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) website, where until Wednesday it was listed as a US free trade partner.

Although not available, the department's online rate tracker listed hundreds of data entries that apparently described Wakanda's business relationship with the United States.

Wakanda's exports to the US, according to the magazine Forbes, apparently included fresh vegetables, unroasted coffee beans, essential oils and cattle.

Francis Tseng, a Twitter user, was the first person to notice Wakanda's existence on the trading partner list. To Reuters, Tseng, a New York software engineer, said he was researching agricultural tariffs for a scholarship he wanted to apply for. When he saw Wakanda on the list, he was "very confused."

According to USDA spokesman Mike Illenberg, the team running the tracker used test files to make sure the system was working, but forgot to delete the entries. "Wakanda's information should have been removed after the test and has now been removed," Illenberg said in remarks to the The Washington Post.

Wakanda was first introduced to the public in Fantastic Four comic book editions in 1966. In 2018, the fictional East African country was once again the center of attention when superhero “Black Panther” landed his own feature film. Marvel who won three Oscars.

This is not the first time a fictional country has entered the real world, recalls the BBC. In 2017, then-Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told the journalist that he had met representatives from various nations to discuss Poland's attempt to join the UN Security Council – "like Belize or San Escobar", with This last "country" does not exist.


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