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USA: ‘Stop destroying our cities’, mayors appeal

by ace
USA: ‘Stop destroying our cities’, mayors appeal

The missing appeal was made. The mayors of San Francisco, Washington and Atlanta couldn't be more explicit.

"We are sending a very clear message to people who have the right to exercise freedom of expression, but not to destroy our city," said Keisha Lance Bottom, mayor of Atlanta.

She gave a joint interview with the Mayor of the District of Columbia, where the capital, Washington, Muriel Bowser is located.


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Both are black, in their 40s and even physically similar. Democrats, of course, run cities with a large black constituency, but they also symbolize advances in the area of ​​civil rights, as Americans call equality guarantees.

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And they are desperate.

"The level of destruction and chaos is crazy," said Keisha.

In a separate interview, the mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, who has the same profile, was on the same line.

“There were things that we cannot tolerate. Some vandals thought it was a game, a funny thing. This is not funny ”.

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“There are many young people, teenagers, involved. Parents, where are your children? ”He said, in a sentence that any conservative politician would endorse.

The union of sensible people, of any political tendency, calling for an end to fires, looting and large-scale destruction in 50 American cities, had zero effect.

The summons of over 16 thousand members of the National Guard avoided the worst, but did not even remotely control the wave of demonstrations with a high level of violence that took on a life of its own.

Looting Louis Vuitton purse or 72 inch televisions is not exactly a legitimate way to protest George Floyd's revolting death.

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Much less set fire to a housing project under construction for low-income people and small businesses, many of which belong to blacks, native Americans, Latinos and immigrants from the Middle East, as happened in Minneapolis, the focus.

How is it possible that important cities have black mayors, as a sign of progress against discrimination, and police officers still act revoltingly against a detainee like George Floyd?

Considering not only the rule of law, but also the risk of sparking waves of protests, American police officers are specifically trained not to treat detainees, of any skin tone, in the criminal manner in which Derek Chauvin and three other colleagues acted.

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The explicit barbarity of his behavior led to conspiratorial conjectures. If Chauvin and Floyd worked as security guards for years, on different shifts, in the same nightclub, would there still be an unknown connection between the two?

Whatever the situation – and the possible punishment of criminal police officers – there will never be a satisfactory outcome for the family and organizations linked to the black movement.

Just the fact that Chauvin was framed on charges of manslaughter and the result of the autopsy, which eliminates death by suffocation or strangulation, are already causing negative reactions. The family hired a well-known coroner to monitor the case.

The extent and violence of the protests entered the sixth night in a row, with the contagion effect spreading.

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It came to light now that on Friday night, when protesters approached the White House, Donald Trump was taken to the bunker made in the event of a terrorist attack or war. He spent an hour there.

Secret Service agents, in charge of presidential security, even put on riot gear, a rare scene.

Trump, being Trump, later tweeted that if the protests were repeated, the protesters would come across "sinister weapons and angry dogs".

The outbreak of violence catches Trump at a terrible time. More than 100,000 Americans have already died from the new coronavirus, the economy has stalled and hope for re-election was centered on a rapid recovery – and, if possible, a vaccine ditto.

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Under previous precedents, protests will end up reflecting or prolonged in the form of intensely policed ​​demonstrations.

The damage, of shocking proportions, is already done, both by the protesters who went on the violence and by the authorities who took the police off the streets, for fear of new incidents.

“We are tired of calling 911 and the Police Department. Nobody answered, ”said the owner of a Minneapolis nightclub, Maya Santamaria.

"They can't just disappear and let everything burn."

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Like other small businessmen in the downtown area, she lost everything.

It was at Maya's nightclub that George Floyd, with his 2.04 meters, and Derek Chauvin, looking like a tough policeman, worked in security, until their destinies crossed again in a miserably cruel way.


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