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Venezuela accuses Brazil of involvement in attack on military base

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Venezuela accuses Brazil of involvement in attack on military base

A Venezuelan military unit on the border with Brazil was the target of an attack on Sunday, in which weapons were stolen. The neighboring country's communications minister, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced Jair Bolsonaro's government involvement in the assault.

“Attention Venezuelan people: At dawn today, a group of armed terrorists attacked a border military unit in the south of the Republic. These criminals were trained in fully identified paramilitary camps in Colombia and received the collaboration of the government of Jair Bolsonaro, ”Rodríguez wrote on Twitter.

These criminals have been entered into fully identified paramilitary camps in Colombia, and have received the collaboration of the Gob de Jair Bolsonaro.

– Jorge Rodríguez (@jorgerpsuv) December 22, 2019

According to the minister, the Territorial Defense System reacted to the robbery and captured six of the alleged criminals and recovered the stolen material, which he said contained weapons and supplies. Rodríguez also reported that a Venezuelan army officer was killed.

“It is with regret that we need to report that in the attack the terrorists killed a young member of our Bolivarian army. Even under the rocks we will look for the remaining fugitive killers so that the law can be practiced in such a cowardly crime, ”he tweeted.

“We highlight the effective action of our Glorious FANB (Bolivarian National Armed Forces), and our security forces, who have prevented all criminal actions of the fascist right, which try unsuccessfully to tarnish the happy Christmas we all deserve. We will win, ”he added.

Also on Twitter, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said the attack was carried out by opponents of the government of Nicolás Maduro. He, unlike Rodriguez, did not mention the president of Brazil.

"At dawn today, a military unit in the south of the country was robbed by extremist opposition groups, and a batch of weapons from that unit was subtracted," Padrino told the social network, after which he said the weapons were later recovered.

“The FANB rejects these destabilizing actions that seek to keep the Venezuelan people in a state of anxiety and remains alert to any threat to our beloved country. We will continue to preserve the peace of the nation, ”he added.

According to local media, the attack and clashes took place in the municipality of Gran Sabana in the state of Bolivar in southern Venezuela, and a group of indigenous people joined the rebels.

So far, the authorities have not provided details of what happened in the region, where the Venezuelan government explores gold and diamonds and which is often the scene of armed conflict, especially between criminal groups vying for control of territory for illegal mining.

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