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Woody Allen autobiography published in the United States

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Woody Allen autobiography published in the United States

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Woody Allen

The American filmmaker's autobiography was published this Monday in the United States by an independent publisher.

According to the newspaper Public, Woody Allen's autobiography – "Apropos of Nothing" – was published by surprise, this Monday, in the United States, by independent publisher Arcade Publishing.

Last week, the director had seen the publication of his memoir canceled, following protests by Hachette editorial staff. The rights were returned to the filmmaker, who put them back on the market.

“Hachette read the book and loved it. And although I am a toxic outcast and a threat to society, he pledged to go through with it, even if things went awry ”, wrote, however, the director, quoted by the weekly Express.

“When the bomb went off, the publisher reevaluated its position, concluding that perhaps courage was not the virtue expected, but that there was much to say about cowardice.”

Woody Allen was confident in the book's success and claims that "the truth cannot be hidden forever".

Jeannette Seaver, co-founder of Arcade Publishing, said in a statement that the book was published in the name of freedom of expression. "We consider it critical not to hear more than one side of the story and, more importantly, that the right of a writer to be heard is not undermined", quotes the same diary.

The work is also already on sale in Italy, through Amazon, but only in ebook format. In our country, Público advances that there are already two Portuguese publishers in dispute for the purchase of the rights of the work.

In 2014, Dylan Farrow, the filmmaker's adopted daughter, accused him of sexually abusing her in 1992, when he was just seven, an accusation he reiterated in 2018, but which Allen has always denied and which was never proven by the investigations that were made. to the case.


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