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Xbox Series S can be sold for half the price to be charged by …

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Xbox Series S can be sold for half the price to be charged by ...

Microsoft is getting closer and closer to making the console available on the gamer market Xbox Series X. However, the company can use the same strategy as the current generation and also be preparing a more compact and cheap version, which is being called in the rumors as Series S.

Although there are no official details regarding the pricing strategy to be applied by the brand, strong speculation suggests that the console focused on being cost-effective will cost exactly half the amount that the most robust, making Sony stay even more concerned about the price to be applied in the PlayStation 5, which was released on the 11th.

16 Jun

Microsoft makes updates available

16 Jun

The information was shared by the user eastmen in the Beyond3D forum, where he made it clear that the focus of the North American company, as expected, is to surpass the Japanese, applying “aggressive” values ​​to ensure that it will meet the needs of different layers of the target Audience.

This source turned out to be reliable for being one of the first to share rumors about the development of the new Microsoft console, as well as always offering attractive options to ensure that the public will benefit from the competition of video games at an acceptable price average. for what they will deliver.

"Last I heard that it is half the price of the XSX and the last time I heard that MS was prepared for a $ 400 XSX. I'm not sure what the final price will be. I think if Sony is $ 500 / $ 600 MS may try to come in at $ 200 / $ 400 / $ 500, but we'll see, "he said of the Xbox Series line.

In case the Redmond giant decides to practice this action, obviously the numbers with console sales alone will not be enough to close the account always in the blue, making it necessary to apply good pricing strategies in games and betting on exclusives to offer differentials.

In addition, the subscription plans made available via Game Pass will be part of the company's attempt to remain profitable together with the implementation of attractive prices for the public, unifying the useful with the pleasant.

"MS will make up for the losses it suffers by getting a bigger cut in game sales and more subscriptions. The price also depends on what Sony does. MS doesn't have to be so radical in prices if Sony itself raises prices," he added. .

Also according to the leak, the Xbox Series S should be presented at an event to be held by Microsoft in July. However, to the public's surprise, the console should make its debut together with the “big brother” Series X, making a single launch for both products, just as Sony did when it announced the normal PS5 and digital games.


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