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You don't need hands (or feet) to fly this autonomous helicopter

by ace
You don't need hands (or feet) to fly this autonomous helicopter

Instead of building a standalone helicopter for military defense, emergency or even cargo, Skyryse CEO Mark Groden anticipates a standalone helicopter transport system for ordinary passengers.

Skyryse is building a true autopilot from the skies. This startup was born three years ago approaching the future of aviation in a way distinct from most companies in this sector.

Rather than focusing on new types of aircraft, Skyryse believes that the smartest approach to revolutionizing this industry is to start at a fundamental level through standalone technology capable of operating on existing, flight-certified aircraft. safety.

Controlling a helicopter requires full body involvement, but Skyryse wants the pilot to focus on the overall flight rather than focus on the details. This aircraft contains intelligent helipads that provide alerts, an air traffic control component designed to work with existing systems, operational limit monitoring and simplified flight controls.

The startup isn't carrying passengers yet, but it wants to be a "sky taxi" soon, in a year or two. The main objective is to make short flights and avoid traffic on the roads that clog cities. Skyryse now has five pilots and four aircraft ready to carry up to 100 people per day, Mashable.

“We want to offer this transportation system as soon as possible. We also want it to be safe, ”says Mark Groden. To this end, Skyryse has a team of transportation experts and engineers with a history in companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Ford, JetBlue, Moog and SpaceX.

All car-sharing services, high-speed travel and even electric scooters have been able to alleviate city congestion, but none of these options have really been able to reverse this problem. Autonomous air transport may even be the solution.


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