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YouTube Music receives ‘Explore’ tab on the web version

by ace
YouTube Music receives ‘Explore’ tab on the web version

YouTube Music is always receiving several new features to make navigability more attractive to users, as well as delivering interesting features so that usability is even more differentiated to make it a streaming option to be primary in the lives of millions.

When the “Explore” tab was released at the end of May for Android and iOS systems, there was a rapid acceptance by the public, making it possible for the company to quickly send this resource to the web version, where news from the music scene, as well as some specific genres.

As you can see in the first image, the images related to the new albums are smaller, occupying only one scroll line with all the options interesting to users. Below the release area, there are the songs separated by humor, where you can also see options according to the region of residence.

Each playlist that represents the releases brings an average of between 30 and 50 songs for users to enjoy. However, it is important to be aware, as they are modified every Friday, a feature similar to Spotify's “Findings of the week”.

To access the new tab, just go to music.youtube.com/explore. According to Google, the experience offered is close to that already present in the mobile version, so it will not be difficult to carry out the adaptation.

So, dear reader, are you already using the "Explore" tab on your browser? If so, tell us what you think in the comments!


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